Aglaia Konrad at Utrecht bookshop (Tokyo)

Aglaia Konrad's new edition for Keijiban will be displayed at Utrecht bookstore (Tokyo) from October 19 to 24. The exhibition will also include an installation and other publications by the artist.

Aglaia Konrad
Keijiban Apparatus (Tribute to Photography)
Dates: October 19 – 24
Venue: Utrecht (Tokyo)
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Aglaia Konrad at IACK (Kanazawa)

While Keijiban hosts a new installation by Aglaia Konrad, our neighbour IACK is holding an exhibition featuring a fantastic (and almost exhaustive) collection of the artist's publications. Her new edition with Keijiban will also be available there until October 17.

Aglaia Konrad Archives
Dates: September 18 – October 17 (by reservation)
Venue: IACK
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